Scorkl Shallow Diving Kit

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For decades, SCUBA divers have been carrying around an ace up their sleeve — a little cylinder of compressed air that they can rely on if something dire happens to their air supply. Scads of divers have stories of a can of Spare Air saving their lives as they ascended to the surface without enough air from their primary equipment. Now there’s a brand who has taken that concept — a small, lightweight, extra portable air tank — and refocused it for experienced divers who want a quick dive without suiting up in full SCUBA gear. 

Able to sustain you underwater for up to ten minutes, the Scorkl is about as simple as dive equipment can get. A single-stage regulator hooks to the air cylinder and the whole thing is held in place with the mouthpiece (just don’t let go). The pressure gauge tells you how much air is left and the Scorkl can do dives up to 15 feet (a depth gauge watch is a good add on here). While the ease of use and minimal set up may make it appeal to the everyman, considering the unfun/deadly mishaps from things like barotrauma, this should be considered a fun addition to any certified SCUBA diver’s toy chest.

Scorkl Shallow Diving Kit

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