The Scratch & Sniff Guide To Beer

The Scratch & Sniff Guide To Beer

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Why should kids get all the fun? This grown-ups only book comes with ten scratch and sniff stickers, a bunch of beer-oriented games and puzzles, and a boatload of photos, factoids and icons — all included here not only to beguile and entertain you, but also to actually teach you something about beer. In eight chapters, author Justin Kennedy takes you through all aspects of beer — from how its made, to the differences between the styles, and how to go about enjoying and collecting it. There’s even a section on the fascinating world of beer label artwork. Very likely a painstakingly thought-out label was what got you to pick up that new six pack last weekend.

Get yourself a brew, flip around this imaginative new book, and learn something along the way about one of the oldest (and might we say most important) beverages around. – Buy It


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