SeaVees Hawthorne Magnum Collection Slip-On

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If you’ve always wanted to grow a mustache but the fear of looking less like Tom Selleck and more like Ron Burgundy is holding you back, maybe you should think about owning a pair of Hawthorne Slip-Ons instead.

While maybe not quite as cool as that iconic chevron mustache, these sneakers come pretty close. Part of SeaVees Magnum Collection, the brand has partnered with Hoffman California Fabrics for a limited edition collab designed using tropical archival prints made famous by Tom Selleck in Magnum P.I. Included in the collection is the iconic Jungle Bird print which has been screen-printed on cotton poplin twill, while the slip-ons feature a foam footbed with extra heel-strike cushion for extra cush.

Price: $88

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