Shelby Ford Mustang GT500 Signature Edition

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When this snake hunts, it always catches its prey. If the current generation Mustang GT500 doesn’t burn enough rubber for you yet, you can now make it nasty as hell. 

Introducing the all-new Shelby Ford Mustang GT500 Signature Edition, bringing the stampeding roar of 800 or more angry horses. Hold on to your stirrups, because this is more than just a pretty aesthetic Mustang package.

From handling and performance to more aggressive styling, Shelby American tunes the Mustang GT500 to its full potential. This is the first Carroll Shelby Signature Edition for this specific generation of GT500 Mustangs. Enthusiasts know how exceptional Carroll’s legacy is, which makes this edition of the GT500 so special. 

Carroll Shelby pushed cars to their engineering limits, with success, through hard work, dedication and persistence. Shelby’s heritage began with performance, which this Signature Edition GT500 has plenty of. 

Shelby Ford Mustang GT500 Signature Edition

Featuring a supercharged 5.2L V8 tuned to perfection, this package adds up to 40 additional horsepower to GT500 Mustangs. A high volume supercharger intercooler and heat exchanger help make this possible. Putting in its share of the work, a high performance supercharger pulley keeps things rolling. 

Of course, these impressive horsepower gains happen on 93 octane gas, but that should be a no-brainer to any current GT500 driver. In true Shelby fashion, the performance tuning doesn’t end at the engine, it only begins there. 

Lowering the car while slapping on track-tuned springs enable this Shelby to slither with lightning-like agility. Shelby American also tuned the suspension for more aggressive handling capability. To add a cherry on top, Shelby shaves a little weight off the hood. A vented, dry carbon fiber hood sheds 30 pounds without leaving any snakeskin behind. 

To put the finishing touch on the new Signature Edition GT500, the package includes Shelby stripes and badges. Each Shelby GT500SE will receive a unique serial number. A CSM numbered engine and dash plate ensures each snake’s rarity is well documented. 

The popular and gorgeous Shelby widebody package is available as an optional upgrade with the Signature Edition as well. This wide body styling looks incredible with the 20×11 front and 11.5-inch wide rear tires. Try it on, you’ll like it.

Best of all, Shelby still leaves room for further upgrades when they become available. All GT500 models receiving the Signature Edition package are still eligible for future Shelby American upgrades.

Shelby is always working to improve their engineering and designs, just like Carroll himself. You do not work for Shelby if you do not share an obsession for enhancing performance. This is what they do.

Limited to a production volume of 100 per model year, adding this exotic Shelby to your snake collection is going to be tricky. It is extremely elusive and very difficult to catch. Many will attempt it, few will prevail. You should also know, this snake does not like to spend time in a cage. At all. 

Upgrade your current generation GT500 and unleash the venom of a 800 plus horsepower Shelby Ford Mustang GT500 Signature Edition snakebite before they disappear into the wild.

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