Shinola Bronze Monster Automatic Watch

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Even if you only cast a cursory glance toward a well-adorned wrist, perhaps you’re able to spot a rugged, utterly classic Shinola watch — a well-trained eye can recognize the brand’s distinctive, throwback-inspired and yet fresh designs almost instantly.

Even if you’re new to the world of watches, perhaps you’ve got a covetable Shinola timepiece on your wish list (join the club). In that regard, get ready to make some room in your budding watch collection for one of the best new watches we’ve seen: That’d be the newly launched Shinola Bronze Monster, an utterly fantastic addition to Shinola’s lineup of Monster Automatic watches, and with fitting ties to the brand’s Michigan roots, too. It’s helpfully available in the investment-worthy Bronze Monster Gift Set in time for the holidays.

So, here’s the scoop: The Bronze Monster Automatic Watch itself is inspired by the stealthy nature of rumrunners during the Prohibition era on the Michigan-Ontario waterway, complete with a rich bronze case (the first-ever effort of its kind by Shinola), to go along with both a deep brown leather strap and rugged NATO strap. If this watch makes you want to enjoy some hearty rum alongside it, you’re not alone. Hurry up and snap up this handsome, refined watch gift set for yourself — or someone else — before the holidays arrive in full force.

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