Shinola Canfield Sport 45mm Watch

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Closing out a new year and kicking off a new season calls for only the best men’s style essentials on the daily — that goes for a classic chambray shirt, a great pair of denim, and now … this new Shinola watch. The Detroit-based purveyors at Shinola make all-American classics, from handsome leather goods to sharp watches like the above — and the Canfield Sport is just the latest to continue that trend.

Available in a sporty 45mm case diameter and done up in a ridiculously sleek all-black colorway, the three sub dials on this handsome-yet-sporty watch add another layer of functionality. And the construction all throughout is top-notch, making this a watch that you can wear with everything from a navy flannel suit to a rugged shawl cardigan and sharp black leather high-top sneakers — without any fear of this watch giving out or letting up on you.

Buying a Shinola watch is always an investment, but we think — no, we know — that picking up the new Shinola Canfield Sport Watch is going to pay serious dividends. – Shop Now

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