Shinola Rambler Backpack

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Quick, look  at your everyday backpack right now. Is it as stylish and sharp, as well-designed and rugged (yet simultaneously refined) as the Shinola Rambler Backpack? We’re willing to bet it’s not quite — in fact, it might not even be close.

The Shinola Rambler Backpack is the perfect backpack for the modern man on the go (that’d be you), and it’s going to seriously upgrade your everyday carry in a major hurry. The Rambler Backpack lives up to the Shinola name with ease, made with tough, adventure-ready nylon that also happens to be water-resistant. It’s one of the more rugged, adventure-ready backpacks you’re apt to find, and the military-inspired color option shown here offers a bit of tactical functionality and style in equal measure.

A lash tab and loop also offer the potential for even more everyday carry potential, no questions asked. It’s the perfect complement to your Shinola watch, also. What could be better than that, right?

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