Sierra Nevada 40 Years Anniversary IPA

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40 years is quite a long time for any business to stay afloat — let alone the rapidly changing, hopped-up world of craft beer. But the best breweries find ways to improve and innovate while nodding to their past, and it’s quite often the ones that have been in the brewing game the longest that seem to excel at this.

Take brewing pioneers Sierra Nevada, who first began introducing the beer-drinking populace to hoppy beers with rich, clean flavor. The famed brewery (we love Sierra Nevada’s classic Pale Ale) is throwing it back to the past with the 40 Years Anniversary IPA, a beer that pays homage to the West Coast IPA and packs in a deep gold color and sweet caramel notes.

It’s as fitting a return to the brewery’s roots as you’re apt to find, and it’s here just in time to kick off 2020 — we can think of no finer beer to pour and enjoy this season.

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