Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Thing IPA

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There are some classics that are hard to top in the beer world, tried-and-true standbys we find ourselves craving no matter the time of year or the weather — these beers have stood the test of time, to say the least.

Sierra Nevada specializes in all-time great beers, including the Hazy Little Thing, an unfiltered and unprocessed beer that ought not to be tinkered with too much in the years to come. That’s because it’s a 6.7 percent ABV hazy IPA made specifically for year-round consumption — think of it as an amped-up version of a brewer’s beer, one that we’d wager the Sierra Nevada team consistently enjoys themselves (Hint: That’s a very good sign indeed).

The Hazy Little Thing is a fine complement to the brand’s bold Torpedo IPA, and even more crushable — it’s also a nice step up from the legendary Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, if you’re in the mood to amplify things even further. That being said, we can think of perhaps no better year-round beer to enjoy right now than the Hazy Little Thing. Cheers. – Learn More

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