Sierra Nevada Hop Bullet Double IPA

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These guys know hops. Back before the ubiquity of craft-brewed hop bombs, Sierra Nevada’s founder had to drive out to Washington state to persuade hop brokers to sell him the good stuff, since all that was on offer hop-wise for small-scale brewers was sorry at best. Forty years of making pales and IPAs have brought them to this point, a beer so hoppy they’re likening it to ammunition.

To get that high hop force into their newest seasonal brew, they’ve added Magnum hops along with lupulin dust directly to the tank (in addition to the hops already added with the malt). Lupulin dust, for the uninitiated, is the fine yellow powder found in hop cones that contain the hop acids and essential oils — the hoppy part of the hop. What you get is intense pine and citrus flavors in an 8% ABV double IPA. Learn more at Sierra Nevada.

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