Sierra Nevada Summer Break IPA

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It’s a rare brewery that can grow from a garage project to massive multinational distribution without losing its quality and unique edge—and Sierra Nevada is exactly that. By paying obsessive attention to the quality of every ingredient (including the water) that goes into their beers, they’ve continued to make converts out of old guard beer snobs and new craft drinkers alike.

Until recently, however, you had to commit to a six-plus-percent ABV drink if you wanted to taste one of the California brewery’s famous beers. But with their Summer Break IPA, you can enjoy the fruit-forward tropical hop bitterness the brewery is known for without tanking your calorie count or your sobriety. 

Clocking in at just 4.6 percent alcohol, Summer Break is a tremendously flavorful take on a lighter beer style. I’ll be drinking them all summer long, and probably into the fall, too.

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