SlideBelts Survival Belt 2.0

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Any expert will tell you: the best tools to use in a dire situation are the ones you have on you. The Survival Belt 2.0 from Slidebelts makes sure the tools you have on you always include a knife, firestarter, and flashlight. Packed into an unassuming belt buckle, there’s a stainless steel, titanium nitrile-coated blade (that can wisely only be deployed when the belt isn’t on your person) to handle any small cutting tasks.

Stowed alongside is a combination ferrocerium firestarter and LED flashlight so you can see what you’re doing in the dark — or build a fire to chase the dark away. And like any respectable multitool, the belt buckle can also open your beer

The utility of the buckle wouldn’t mean much if the belt itself didn’t do it’s daily job of holding up your pants. Luckily, this survival belt has all the function Slidebelts is known for: a waterproof, abrasion-resistant, and unbreakable strap with continuous notches for an infinitely adjustable fit. Wear it daily and you’ll never be under prepared.

“Wear it daily and you’ll never be under prepared.”

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