Slow & Low Whiskey

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Sometimes, it’s the aesthetic of a brand that first draws you in — and then, you stick around for the top-notch, entirely unique product. Slow & Low Whiskey is so much more than your average distillery with a neat label, embodying everything we love about the process of crafting discerning, remarkable whiskey for the modern man.

Pick your poison when it comes to Slow & Low: The original Hochstadter’s Rock and Rye in a classic 750ml offering, best served straight up or paired as a shot alongside a beer, or that same famous whiskey in a 100ml can for mixing and matching. Slow & Low draws inspiration from a golden age when saloons began pioneering the cocktail you know and love — the Old Fashioned — and updates it for the modern man.

If that inspiration sounds too mythical to be true, just know that it’s as real as it gets, to the point where Slow & Low is bringing a roving pop-up van to thirsty customers and seriously cool events across the country (imagine the Bacon & Beer Classic, then just add whiskey). Whether you go with Slow & Low in a can or the classic bottle option, you won’t be disappointed).

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