Smart Cap Truck Bed Cover

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Black Friday Sales

Until recently, buying a cap for your truck bed meant sacrificing in one of three areas: Looks, durability, or functionality. The best looking caps were often all show and no go, while the most feature-loaded ones were more often found with lackluster aluminum construction. Smartcap is setting out to change that with their top notch truck bed covers.

The SmartCap is built from stainless steel with a modular design. It’s made to stand up to the worst that the great outdoors can throw at it—and if it does happen to get damaged, it’s easy to replace a single panel. In fact, the five-piece modular design makes it easy to ship, and the steel construction allows for taller openings at the sides and back. All said and done, this transforms your truck into a full-fledged camping vehicle, professional toolbox, or whatever you need it to be, depending on which SmartCap components you choose to add.

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Black Friday Sales