SmartRope Pure BT Connected Jumprope

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How much more throwback can it get when it comes to exercise gear than the seemingly humble jumprope? Whether jumping rope in your garage, your driveway or a gritty gym, the benefits of the simple jump rope are hard to ignore. But what if your jumprope took a major swing into the 21st century? That’s the idea behind the SmartRope Pure BT Connected jumprope, equipped with flat-out cool magnetic sensors in the handles to integrate with the Smart Gym mobile fitness app.

No need to worry about tracking, say, revolutions or time spent using the jump rope — this innovative bit of technology does it all for you automatically. 45 hours of battery life gives you plenty of time to incorporate jumping rope into your workouts, and the fact that the rope itself is tough yet lightweight means it won’t give out on you, either. The old-school jumprope just got a modern update, and we think you’d do well to upgrade your workout game in similar fashion.

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