Snow Peak Entry Pack TS

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When the time comes to saddle up and hit the great outdoors in earnest, it’s tough to top kind of durability and toughness that Snow Peak brings to the table with each round of new gear. And especially for the kind of explorer who values getting a headstart on the competition (or just your fellow camping pals) it’s equally hard to pass up the Snow Peak Entry Pack TS, which, in spite of its name, provides you with a heck of a leg up if you’re just entering (or re-entering) the camping game.

That’s because the Snow Peak Entry Pack TS blends the usability of its Mesh Shelter with the Amenity Dome Large Tent, all the better to get out and explore on the go with relative ease. It’s all delivered in sharp, versatile style for ease of movement, exactly as one would expect from Snow Peak. This is a modern outdoor brand that can’t be topped — invest in the best (like the Entry Pack), and reap the rewards.

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