SOG Camp Axe in OD Green

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The camp hatchet or axe has long been an essential tool for backwoodsmen. It’s strong enough to pull double duty on chopping and hammering, but small enough to wield deftly. So why has it fallen by the wayside with most modern campers? Probably because most people don’t know just how handy having something like the SOG Camp Axe can be.

By utilizing a heavy duty design, the Camp Axe can easily double as a hammer for pounding in tent stakes. But its business end is sharp enough to make the process of gathering and preparing wood for a fire quick and easy. Combine all of that with an ergonomic handle, comfortable balance, and a sleek new OD green and black color scheme, and you get an all-in-one campsite tool that no one should leave home without.

Price: $60

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