SOG x PopGrip Phone Multi-Tool

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Like fidget spinners and paleo diets, PopSockets didn’t exist and then suddenly they were everywhere. Unlike most fads, it’s hard to hate on PopSocket PopGrips, as they actually serve a genuine and necessary function: Helping us hold onto our movie screen-sized phones without dropping to test out the validity of our phone case’s protection claims. 

Now here’s a grip with an even grander purpose: opening that package of new trainers that just arrived in the mail, or cracking open a cold one. It’ll even accommodate quarter-inch and four millimeter hex bits. Teaming up with stellar knife brand SOG, the SOG x PopGrip Phone Multi-Tool  manages to pack a stainless steel multi-tool on the back of a PopGrip. The multi-tool stays in place with a magnetic twist mechanism and the socket top can be swapped out from the phone mount. Just in case you’d like to change up your useful SOG PopGrip top for something super timely, like one with Pikachu on it. 

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