Solo Stove Lite

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If you can swing it, a Solo Stove fire pit is an ideal, no-fail housewarming gift that everyone with a backyard will love and actually use. But this is where it all began for the company, a camp stove. Looking at it, the Solo Stove Lite resembles a miniaturized version of the lauded fire pits, complete with those curious little holes at the top and bottom. That’s their proprietary 360 degree AirFlow design that draws in and recirculates air to produce a more efficient, hotter burn with less smoke. 

Where the fire pits are built for the backyard, the Lite is made for use on camping adventures far from the homestead. Constructed from ultra tough stainless steel, the two-piece stove uses sticks and twigs for fuel—no need to haul canisters of gas around. It weighs just nine ounces and nests inside their Pot 900. It’s ideal for cooking or rehydrating a meal for one or two people and feels like a little home-away-from-home mini fire pit.

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