Sonos Play: 5 Beastie Boys Edition

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Paul’s Boutique will sound good coming out of a three-dollar speaker you found at an octogenarian’s estate sale because it transcends the insignificant air and tunnels directly into your brain with its insurgent genius. But dollars to donuts it’ll sound even better pumped through the six drivers, three tweeters, and three mid-woofers of the Sonos Play:5 — especially if that Sonos speaker is decked out in an exclusive Beastie Boys colorway. 

Designed by Mike D and Ad-Rock to celebrate the release of their (very good) memoir, Beastie Boys Book, the proceeds help support Peace Sisters and Little Kids Rock on behalf of the Adam Yauch Foundation. 

The front of this minimalist speaker features artwork by Barry McGee, spelling out Beastie Boys in a cool, abstract, geometric font that doesn’t scream fanboy novelty. Control the speaker through the Sonos app or Apple AirPlay 2 as it picks up on your home Wi-Fi signal, or use the line-in to hook up your turntable and play your treasured Ill Communication on vinyl.

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