Sony Vision-S 02

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When you think about seeing the world alongside six other people with Sony, you would probably be thinking about your Sony Bravia OLED television. Times are changing. In the near future, you and six passengers could be enjoying the view from a Sony Vision-S 02 EV SUV.

Sony definitely knows how to make electronics so it seems like a natural transition for the technology giant to enter the electric vehicle market. This is now the second concept vehicle from Sony and many industry insiders feel this could be the one to reach production.

Sony Vision-S 02

Using two electric motors, Sony jolts 536 horsepower to the wheels of the Vision-S SUV. It does have all-wheel-drive so you will have plenty of traction for the nearly instantaneous torque you feel in an EV while accelerating.

You can even customize the acceleration and deceleration audio of the Vision-S. Once you get those 20-inch wheels moving, passengers will be able to settle in with their favorite entertainment. Several screens decorate the interior of the Vision-S, including one for the front passenger.

There might even be room to bring your Playstation 5 along for a true Sony mobility experience in the Vision-S concept but, believe it or not, you can leave the console at home. You can actually play your Playstation games in the Vision-S EV through a remote connection with your PS5 at home.

Meanwhile, the driver has access to a large panoramic screen running across the dashboard. From driver assist information to everything you need to know when driving, Sony makes it easy for you to find. There are no official range numbers from Sony at this time. They are also keeping information on the battery design under wraps for now. 

Sony Mobility Incorporated is looking to enter the automotive production industry using their expertise with technology as a launchpad. If the Sony Vision-S 02 concept makes the cut, there will be many people lining up to see what it can do. Even if the Vision-S 02 does not make it to dealership lots, there is a good chance you will still see an EV from Sony in the near future.

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