Southern Tier 8 Days A Week Blonde Ale

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It’s absolutely true: Beer is art. Also true: Beer is science. While it may have begun with someone stirring up some gruel, forgetting about it for a while, then daringly drinking the results, that beer tasted bad. To make the good stuff, you need a little scientific know-how. Southern Tier brewery out of New York state takes the science part of brewing seriously, to the point of having an entire quality lab — as in microscopes, gas chromatographs, and the like — to test their beer at every stage of the process. 

ABV: 4.8% Bitterness: Low (15 IBU) Flavor: Smooth, Refreshing, Crisp, Clean. Availability: Year-Round

A great way to get a taste for the fruits of their fastidiousness is trying a can of their new blonde ale, 8 Days a Week. Drinkable and clean, the beer goes easy on the bitterness and brings a good dose of fruity aromas along for the ride. It’s probably one of the few beers out there that’s scientifically proven to taste good.

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