Southern Tier Pumking Whiskey

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When that distinct chill in the air starts to return, when the leaves start to shift idly and when you can almost feel your sweaters calling out to you from your closet, that’s when you know it’s fall — and that’s when it’s time to evaluate your home bar cart accordingly.

Just as you shift your menswear rotation to rugged jackets, henleys and leather boots for fall, consider adding some seasonally-appropriate whiskey to your rotation — in fact, consider the Southern Tier Pumking Whiskey quite possibly your new favorite fall spirit. That’s high praise to bestow on just one whiskey, but if our experience with Southern Tier is any indication, the company should absolutely be able to deliver the goods again. 

Aroma and tasting notes hit all the right marks for a perfect fall spirit, including butter cream and pie crust. Yes indeed, consider it a seasonal essential. Your fall strolls, flask in hand, just got a lot tastier thanks to Southern Tier’s Pumking Whiskey. 

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