Sportes MITI-001 Outdoor Cooking Tool

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If you like your camping adventures as low-tech as possible, you can’t go much lower than this. In essence, the Sportes MITI-001 is a steel plate with laser-cut openings and four steel pegs. Starting with a log, between seven and nine inches in diameter, use your axe to split it into quarters and stand each on end in a circle. Stick your kindling in between the logs, add the plate up top and slot in the pegs to keep the whole thing upright. 

Once you light the fire at the center, the plate acts as a cooking surface, just stick your pot up top. Also known as a Swedish torch, it’s one of the few fire pit options we know of that uses the logs themselves as a structural component. Of course you’ll need to have a nice and squared off log to begin with, your chopping skills need to be on point, and you’ll need to take a little extra care clearing the area from flammables. But once you have all that under control, you’ll have the world’s most low-tech, tough-as-nails camp cooking surface imaginable. 

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