SpyraTwo Water Gun

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Along with miniature foam footballs, toy water guns belong in your childhood. The difference between a ‘90s Super Soaker and the SpyraTwo Water Gun, however, is that the SpyraTwo is hardly a toy.

A water gun for grown men, this feat of engineering boasts 22 semi-automatic shots per charge, with a range of 30 feet, and a palpable recoil. The battery is integrated and lasts for 2000 blasts, while recharging at a water source takes a whole 12 seconds.

On the design-front, this guy is sleek and high-tech. We’re talking aerodynamic Lamborghini-esque lines and a tactical display, right out of a sci-fi movie. Choose between classic dual colors, blue or red.

Overall, the world’s strongest water gun is a great way to enjoy hot days. Another good reason to grab one? Creatively settle any squabbles with friends by having them say hello to your little friend.

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