St. Elmo Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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If you read the site regularly, you know that in addition to the best men’s gear and outdoor adventure essentials, we also appreciate the finer things in life — the types of products that take every bit as much care to craft as, say, your favorite flannel shirt or leather boots. For us, one of the best whiskeys reflects all of those same qualities (and name anything better than a taste of your favorite whiskey at the end of a long day on the slopes or the trail). So, may we present for your consideration: St. Elmo Straight Bourbon Whiskey, a strong contender for your new favorite whiskey (and a worthy addition to your bar cart, at that).

It’s courtesy of the legendary St. Elmo Steak House, but worry not: It should pair perfectly with whatever meal you can dream up (although steak is never a bad place to start). Straight bourbon meets dark cherry, not to mention bourbon vanilla beans, for a rich, flavorful whiskey bound to wow your tastebuds, and the fact that it’s got a sense of old-school cool about it (St. Elmo has been around since 1902) ain’t half-bad, either.

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