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Bar soap has come a long way since the artificially-scented days of the ‘90s. Now, you’ll find bar soap with every aroma and texture imaginable — making it an excellent way to take care of your skin, no matter whether you trend towards dry or oily. So take a look at our nine favorite bar soaps, and level up your morning shower.

Ursa Major Morning Mojo Bar Soap

Ursa Major’s Morning Mojo soap is like a cup of coffee for your senses. Peppermint, honey, coconut, and rosemary all mingle together to deliver a heady aroma for a perfect morning wake-up, and volcanic rock is slathered in shea butter for a smooth, exfoliating effect. – Shop Now

Byrd Charcoal Exfoliating Bar Soap

Byrd Charcoal Exfoliating Bar Soap

Byrd’s exfoliating bar soap bucks the trend of floral and herbal aromas and goes for a full-blown smokey sea salt scent. But that doesn’t mean the bar itself is harsh on your skin — the Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter make it gentle on all skin types. – Shop Now

Kiehl's Exfoliating Body Soap

Kiehl’s Exfoliating Body Soap

Pracaxi oil, from a plant native to the Northernmost tropics, is the secret ingredient in Kiehl’s bar soap. It has an extremely high concentration of behenic acid, a powerful moisturizer that combines with the pumice in this bar to give deep, long-lasting cleansing. – Shop Now

Duke Cannon Bay Rum Bar Soap

Duke Cannon’s Big Ass Brick of Bay Rum soap lives up to its name. Weighing in at ten ounces — that’s three times the weight of a standard soap bar — it’s one of the best deals in high quality bar soap. And it’s scented with a uniquely intriguing combination of citrus musk, fresh cedarwood, and heady island spaces. – Shop Now

Every Man Jack Bar Soap

Every Man Jack 2-In-1 All Over Bar

Some would call using the same product for your hair and your body lazy. I call it minimalist (and I think you should too, because it sounds cooler). Every Man Jack’s two-in-one hair and body bar will keep your shower routine fast and fresh, with its classic cedarwood scent and nourishing aloe. – Shop Now

Hudson Made Worker's Soap

Hudson Made Worker’s Soap

You’re no doubt familiar with small batch, artisanal beer — but what about small batch artisanal soap? That’s Hudson Made’s Worker’s Soap, designed for working men and women. It has a strong pumice that can really scrub out dirt and grime, replacing them with classy aromas of tobacco, cedar, and patchouli. – Shop Now

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Peppermint Bar Soap

Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile Peppermint Bar Soap

Have you ever read a bottle of Dr. Bronner’s liquid soap? It’s absolutely bonkers, but in a great way. The label for this bar of soap doesn’t have room for their whole “Earth is a spaceship and we should rejoice always in its beauty” thing, but it still does a fine job of cleaning up your body, face, or hair. – Shop Now

Art of Sport Activated Charcoal Soap

Art of Sport Activated Charcoal Soap

This is the bar of soap that you’ll always find in my bathroom, because its combination of tea tree oil and activated charcoal does absolute wonders for both dry and oily skin. That, and because its classic cedarwood scent is beautifully balanced by sweet vanilla overtones. – Shop Now

Bilt Havana Bay Bar Soap

Bilt Havana Bay Bar Soap

Havana, Cuba is home to two of my favorite things: Cigars and Daiquiris. Bilt’s Havana Bay bar soap combines the best aromas of both, and wraps them into a natural vegetable-based soap with coconut water and shea butter to lock in hydration. – Shop Now

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