Stanley Master Flask

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That no-name thrift store flask you got on discount a few miles back makes your booze taste funny. It’s possible it’s the aluminum reacting with the alcohol, or perhaps it’s the never-to-be-fully-banished residue of the crème de menthe that the previous owner kept in there. Either way, it’s time to get yourself a flask that will stand the test of time and taste (both booze-wise and style-wise) and this is the flask you want.

Cold rolled 18/8 steel construction and a foundry black powder coat make the Master Flask indestructible and thoroughly handsome. It’s curved to fit perfectly in a back pocket and will inconspicuously carry eight ounces of your favorite bourbon, scotch or, if you must, a liqueur. Also the cap is knurled for grip. And honestly, shouldn’t more things be knurled? – $32

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