Stanley Classic Perfect-Brew Pour Over Set

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Even the majesty of nature must wait until coffee is served. While there are a slew of options for campsite coffee, it makes sense to go with a brand that’s been making tough and insulated beverage vessels for a little over a hundred years. 

Their Classic Perfect-Brew Pour Over Set is made from steel, so feel free to subject it to the kind of rough treatment camp life requires. No paper filters required, so as long as you have grounds, water, and fire, you are your very own backcountry barista. 

If you own a Stanley travel mug, chances are you’ve already been impressed with how lava-hot it can keep your morning joe. The mug here is also insulated and comes complete with a sip-through lid. So feel free to set your coffee down as you tend to your campfire breakfast burritos — it’ll still be hot and pine-needle-free when you come back to it. 

As with all metal filters, you’ll want to use a medium to coarse grind unless you’re okay with a few coffee grits in your brew. Though, in our opinion, chewing on some grounds, cowboy-style only adds to the rough and tumble ambiance of being out there in the wilds.

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