The Star Wars Archives 1999–2005

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If it’s interesting, TASCHEN has probably come out with a glossy, full-color book on the subject. And the Star Wars Prequels were nothing if not interesting. The second edition in their complete archive series on the saga from a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, The Star Wars Archives 1999 – 2005 covers all the behind-the-scenes production of the Prequels with insight from and interviews with George Lucas himself.

Over the course of 600 pages, this XXL, 13 pound book presents concept art, storyboards, on-set photos, and promo materials to tell the story of how this trio of trailblazing CGI blockbusters came into being. Coming out this month in a numbered set of 10,000 copies, the Archives are an obvious pick for any Star Wars fan, but any movie fan or those interested in the inner workings of a worldwide phenomenon will get a lot out of this meticulously researched, lushly illustrated mega tome.  

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Black Friday Sales