Steam Deck Handheld Gaming PC

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You already know Steam as the go-to destination for PC gaming. Now Valve, the company behind the platform, is getting into the hardware arena (not for the first time, with the discontinued Steam Machine is solidly in their rearview mirror). The Steam Deck is a handheld PC designed for doing one thing—playing games on Steam. 

Considering Steam has about 50k games available, that one thing can take on many, many forms. It looks a bit like a Switch with the controls at either side of the seven-inch screen and, like a PC, you can connect peripherals and cast your screen on a TV or larger monitor. You can even start a game on your regular PC, then pick up where you left off on your Steam Deck. 

To compete with the number of input options you have at your disposal using a keyboard/mouse setup, the Deck has trackpads, thumbsticks, triggers, assignable grip buttons, gyro capabilities, and a touchscreen. Plus it’s designed to feel good in the hand so you can play all night. Reservations are open now, with units shipping this December. 

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