Stillhouse Classic Vodka

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What goes into a great martini or a great Bloody Mary? Well, besides traditional cocktail techniques and ingredients, the base is the most important — and yes, we’re talking about the vodka itself. The craft spirits industry has boomed in the past decade or so, what with fancy iterations of classic cocktails popping up all across the country (and likely in your home bar cart set-up, too). But the thing that drives the craft cocktail movement? Again, it’s got to be the proper spirit itself, and if you pick up Stillhouse Classic Vodka, you can hardly go wrong. 

From the 100 percent stainless steel can to the retro-inspired design, it hits all the right notes for the vodka enthusiast or budding fan. The process itself also helps set Stillhouse Classic Vodka apart from the pack, seeing as it’s distilled with limestone water and made from 100 percent estate-grown corn. If you ask us, the difference is in the details, and it all comes down to the spirit you’re using — use Stillhouse Classic Vodka for an impressive cocktail, no doubt about it. 

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