STMNT Grooming Goods Grooming Spray

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Where do you turn to when you want expert advice on styling your hair? That’s easy — the pros know best, without a doubt. It can definitely be tough to replicate that classic cut-and-style at home, though … until now. How so? It’s easy: STMNT Grooming’s recent launch makes it easier than ever to get professional-level hair care and styling at home, something that’s more crucial than ever during these quarantine days. 

The full line of STMNT grooming products features the real-world input of three top world grooming pros (like @NOMADBARBER), quite literally from start to finish — that includes packaging, design & product specs. The Grooming Spray, formulated with the precise input of Miguel Gutierrez, The Nomad Barber himself, is a highly effective and easy-to-use spray that delivers a thicker hair feel and natural finish. Use it to prep or style your hair, preferably alongside the full STMNT product line. Happy styling, folks.

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