Stromer ST5 e-Bike

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Full disclosure: I’m biased towards the bicycle. It’s an elegant form of transportation and my only qualm about working from home is not having somewhere to commute to. That said, it would be nice not to have to work so darn hard when scaling those hills. That’s where a good e-Bike comes in to play. Or better yet, a pedelec. Slightly different than a standard e-bike, a pedelec (a portmanteau of pedal electric cycle) only kicks in the power when you pedal, whereas with an e-bike, you turn the throttle.  The advantage of a pedelec is a longer motor range and a more intuitive ride. 

After making speed pedelecs (a faster than usual pedelec) for the last 10 years, Switzerland-based Stromer is adding ABS to its latest model. It makes sense — you have the automation of a powerful electric motor, why not add in the safety of an anti-lock braking system? The addition brings more controlled braking on slippery surfaces and protection from flying over the handlebars on a hard stop. 

The new fangled braking system will be added to the latest Stromer model, the ST5, with its 650 watt motor and super-long 110-mile battery range. Decide just how much pedal assist you want with the onboard touchscreen, which also connects to your smartphone for locking and unlocking the bike’s motor, and keeping stats on your rides. 

The original ST5 is available now. To get it with ABS, you’ll need to wait until this coming June. Either way, a Stromer is a fantastic way to get where you’re going. 

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