Summit Brewing Slugfest Juicy IPA

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Have you ever had the passing impression that some IPAs were starting to resemble dares more than beers? With their 6,000 IBUs and 27% ABVs, you could say the IPA scene was getting a little out of hand. Some craft brewers out there have noticed that trend too and are responding with beers that celebrate all that is wonderful about IPAs (delicious hoppy aromas, hazy hop-oiled brews, crisp malt flavors) and ditching the stuff that unnecessarily grows hair on your chest.  

Summit Brewing, the independently owned and operated St. Paul craft brewers who’ve been doing this hop, grain, yeast, and water thing for thirty years, are currently brewing up Slugfest Juicy IPA. It’s a highly drinkable orange-hued brew with big lemon, melon, and tangerine hop aromas. A toasty malt underlies the hops and the finish is smoother than a waxed Camaro’s hood. With a low bitterness (38 IBUs) and low alcohol (4.7%) this is a beer you’ll go for again and again — without anyone having to dare you.

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