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Clear your calendar for mid-July. All you’re going to want to do is ride this around. Made by Super73, the California company that’s revolutionizing the electric motorbike, the ZX E-Bike has updated electronics and a bigger battery so you can zip around town faster and longer. A full charge will get you over 30 miles of range—and that’s without pedaling once. Put a little muscle into it and you’ll get over 50 miles of range in the ECO pedal assist mode. 

The lighter aluminum frame has been redesigned with a more upright and ergonomic riding position and you can even throw a friend on the back of the seat. All the smart features from other Super73s are there—like the LCD display with navigation and the bluetooth connectivity to your phone running the Super73 app. 

Three different modes propel you up to 20 miles per hour, which means most cities will let you take your ZX on bike paths and public roads without a special licence or insurance (just like a regular bike). In Unlimited Mode, the e-bike will propel you over 28 mph, but that’s intended just for rides on private land as speeds like that on an e-bike aren’t legal on city roads. 

While a trip to the corner market for a six pack of lager is never a bad trip, just imagine hopping on this, zipping up the street and back in eco-friendly comfort and badass motorbike style. 

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