Supply Single Edge Razor 2.0

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The new year calls for the best men’s grooming essentials and the best men’s grooming gear, all the better to keep you in fine form during the chilly, dry winter months. And the most reasonable place to start just might be in an area that’s likely part of your daily routine — your morning or evening shave.

Supply says that its Single Edge Razor provides the world’s closest, most comfortable shave, and we think it’s worth testing out based on principle alone. You get twenty razor blades with your initial purchase, enough to keep your facial hair groomed and on-point for a long time to come. And you also get the classic feeling and comfort that comes with what you might call a classic shaving.

You can customize your shave settings, and then look forward to getting a great shave each and every day — there certainly are a great deal many shaving brands out there, but for the new year, our money’s on the Single Edge Razor 2.0 from Supply. Your money should be on it, too. – Shop Now

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