Swipe Light Ale

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Is there a more fitting beer for these trying times in our digital age than a tasty, cleverly titled beer like the Southern Tier Brewing Swipe Light? There might not be. While we appreciate the rich flavor and craft of a well-made IPA, spring and summer call for something a little lighter — a la the Swipe Light, perhaps the best new beer to try now.

The four percent ABV and pleasing can design make it uniquely crushable for warm weather and long days at the beach or the pool, especially if you’ve been sipping on stouts and porters for months now.

The clean, subtle flavor and light finish are to be applauded in an age when breweries load up beers with hops — as we’ve said, we do appreciate a great IPA, but there’s nothing quite like a cold, refreshing, drinkable beer out of a can to ring in a new season. You’ve just found your new favorite beer — at least, we think so. – Learn More

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