Tactica M.110 Bike Multi-Tool

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As both a bicyclist and a multi-tool enthusiast, I was absolutely stoked to hear that Tactica recently took on the challenge of making a road-ready all-in-one tool. Why? Because as much as I love my Leatherman, it’s missing one key piece for cycling: A tire lever.

The Tactica M.110 Bike Multi-Tool delivers big time for anyone who wants a single emergency tool to carry while cycling. It has a huge selection of tools, from the perfectly designed tire levers to standard, metric, and Allen wrenches, and hex sockets. Oh, and a bottle opener too—because who doesn’t want a quick brew after a long ride?

Made with a composite frame reinforced by stainless steel, the M.110 is as lightweight as it is useful. It’s even TSA-compliant, so you really can take it with you wherever you go.

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