Tactica M100 Multi-Tool

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The search for the perfect multi-tool is never over. Crowdfunded startups, old-guard toolmakers, and everyone in between keep coming out with smaller, stronger multi-tools packed with more and more uses. The M100 is a keyring-ready multi-tool, just over three inches, that manages to stuff twenty different tools into its skillset. Make it part of your EDC and be prepared to open bottles and packages, tighten screws with the changeable phillips or flathead bits, loosen bolts with the light- or heavy-duty hex sockets and measure stuff with the ruler.

The core is tough and sturdy stainless steel but the exterior is a lightweight composite that won’t slash up your phone screen when the two hang out in your pocket together. It’s also TSA compliant, so when you have to leave your knife behind when you fly, you won’t be flying totally tool-less. – $40

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