Tailgater Tire Table

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That flash of brilliance, that “aha” moment can strike any time, anywhere. For the guy who thought up the Tailgater Tire Table, that eureka moment came in the parking lot of a ski resort. You can picture him frustrated with his wobbling folding table, eyeing the stable tire of his truck, and thinking, “What if…” Lucky for all of us, he took that thought one step further and made a prototype. 

The sturdy steel table cantilevers off of any tire, including the spare, and can be used anywhere you park your vehicle. Like the name implies, the Tire Table is ideal for tailgating, but the utility of having an additional flat surface while car camping, or a roadside table while road tripping can’t be understated.

Since there’s a fold out leg to take on extra weight, they’re good for job sites as well—and we could easily see hooking up a Tire Table in the driveway for a sturdy workstation. In fact, this seems like one of those inventions where the possibilities just keep coming to mind — the hallmark of the very best great ideas.

“Perfect for tailgating, camping, and job site lunch breaks.”

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