Tamarit Motorcycles 2007 Triumph Husky

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You don’t have to be Steve McQueen to appreciate the 44th installment from Tamarit Motorcycles. However, you need to understand how it came into existence to truly grasp how unique this bike is. This was the first project by Tamarit where the motorcycle was conceptualized, designed, and manufactured from start to finish without the client or company ever meeting in-person. 

That’s an impressive feat, but then again Tamarit is known for building custom Triumph motorcycles uniquely designed for the individual client’s requests. Their motto rings exceptionally true with the Tamarit Motorcycles 2007 Triumph Husky: “Each bike is one of a kind”.

The client knew the concept from the beginning. Rafael’s vision was a modern Triumph Scrambler that could have been brand new from Tamarit’s shop over 40 years ago. He bought an old secondhand Triumph Scrambler, sent it to Tamarit, and the rest is history. 

Clearly a tribute to McQueen’s Husqvarna, this 70’s style Scrambler known as the Husky features a black coated engine with chromed rims. The traditional Scrambler exhaust placement was kept, but the yellow covers combined with the bright red, white, and steel finished fuel tank really catch the eye. 

An 865cc engine provides plenty of pickup. One spark of the ignition will rattle the bones of anyone who was born to ride thanks to the legendary exhaust system by ZARD. However, the most recognizable and perhaps talked about feature of the 2007 Triumph Husky just might be the front fairing.

These days, very few bikes are able to capture the nostalgic look and feel of modern classics. The Triumph Husky from Tamarit Motorcycles goes the extra mile, acting as a time machine bringing you back to the seventies. This 2007 Husky proves once again that no two bikes built by Tamarit will ever be the same.

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