Tamarit‌ ‌Motorcycles‌ ‌Project‌ ‌#64‌ ‌

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When it comes to custom motorcycles, mediocre builds are a dime a dozen. Then there are Tamarit custom motorcycles, a refreshing breath of fresh perspective. Each motorcycle project Tamarit cranks out is truly one-of-a-kind. You will never pull up to another bike just like yours if you are riding a Tamarit. 

Priding themselves on creating unique builds using Triumph motorcycles, Tamarit’s dedication to the craft shines through their work. As most projects do, the direction for Tamarit Motorcycles Project #64 began with a client’s vision. Add a pinch of style with a side of functionality, hit the scrambler and see how it tastes. 

Sure, it sounds easy on paper, but nothing is simple when building a custom scrambler bike this unique. It takes plenty of sweat, frustration and even some blood to build something this special. Even the motor emblems feature a personalized touch. 

Inspired by the Spanish indie-rock group Los Planetas, the motor emblems feature hints of the famous Toxicosmos logo. Saying the owner is a huge fan of the band is an understatement.

That’s what a custom build is all about. Making it yours and catering the experience to your favorite flavors. The Tamarit Toxicosmos motorcycle, a.k.a. Project #64, looks great, but it holds a priceless sentiment in the eye of the beholder. Of course, there is more than just meets the eye with this Tamarit as well. 

From Tamarit’s new Silvertone seat design to a Mohave exhaust, this bike performs as good as it looks. Other custom additions to this Triumph scrambler include new shocks, Tamarit Little Bastard fender and TKC80 Continental tires. No stone is left unturned with this one.

The beauty of admiring how another person envisions their perfect custom bike is feeling the inspiration for your own dream build. This is how one rider did it. What does your dream bike look like? Tamarit wants to help you ride it.

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