Tap Strap 2

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No, they’re not high-end brass knuckles. The Tap Strap 2 is even more powerful (metaphorically speaking). Combining a keyboard, mouse, and trackpad in one wireless, five-ringed gadget, this is bringing us one step closer to the inevitable integration of man and machine. And in the meantime, it’s really simplifying your peripherals

How’s it work? The technical explanation is that each ring contains an accelerometer with an additional inertial measurement device, optical mouse chip, and circuit board in the thumb. All connected via conductors within a nylon braid, your tap and movement signals are collected by the internal microcontroller and beamed via bluetooth to whatever device you’re using. 

The non-technical explanation is the Tap Strap becomes your keyboard when you tap your fingers on a surface, your mouse when you rest your thumb on a surface, and allows for air gestures when you lift your hand sideways in space. Of course there’s a learning curve here, but with their TapGenius game, they’re betting it takes you about two hours to learn to type via tapping in about an hour and a half. To get to a typing speed of 30 words per minute takes around five hours of practice. 

With its ability to control anything that supports bluetooth input — your phone, TV, computer, tablet — the Tap Strap harnesses your hand’s natural dexterity for a streamlined interface with the devices all around you. Plus it looks like high-end brass knuckles. 

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