Tapplock One+ Smart Lock

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You’ve got no need to ever worry about keeping your trusted valuables safe again — that is, if you do the right thing and pick up the ridiculously tough, well-designed and durable Tapplock One+, the next level in protecting your valuables (and a far cry from your old-school combo lock). Yes indeed, the design team at Tapplock One+ has seemingly thought of everything when designing one of the best, toughest locks out there.

It starts with the fact that this lock features a capacitive fingerprint sensor as one of three ways to unlock it (and mighty quick, at that — under  a second for the sensor). It’s also compatible with Bluetooth, and for those who favor the ultimate in protection and security, Morse Code-like long and short combinations can be used on the power button to really protect what matters to you most.

It’s also water and weatherproof, and features tough stainless steel shackles and anti-pry technology. It’s a new way to store and protect your valuables, and it’s likely to be the last lock you need to buy for some time.

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