Taylor Stitch All Day Pants

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For those not interested in a mid-day wardrobe change, Taylor Stitch has created the All Day Pants. They’re comfortable like your most broken-in pair of jeans, but bring a little bit more sophistication to the mix with elevated fabrics. 

What all that means is, your walk up the street for your morning coffee, a few hours spent at the office, and a pint of brown ale at that new hot dog gastropub can all be done in the same pants. Of course, you could do all of the above in a pair of sweats and no one will raise an eyebrow these days, but looking like you give a damn is still important in our book. 

To create the latest All Day Pants iteration, this time around, Taylor Stitch used corduroy made from organic cotton. It’s made with a bit of stretch and constructed like all TS stuff to be tough and lasting even if what you do all day isn’t particularly easy on your clothes.

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