Taylor Stitch Field Jacket in Midnight

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The Field Jacket in Midnight from Taylor Stitch is the latest “military” jacket from the brand. As anyone who’s been in the armed forces will tell you, the term “military-grade” doesn’t necessarily translate to “super high quality.” Gear issued to service personnel is meant to do a job and do it well, but it’s not necessarily meant to last the rest of your life or be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever pulled on. 

Military-inspired, however, in the right hands can be a dream. Taylor Stitch has a long history of casting military style and utility in quality, custom fabrics with high-end manufacturing. Made with waxed canvas from Scotland’s Halley Stevensons, it’ll keep you dry when the storm rolls in. Then there are the details: Twill lining, corduroy collar, two-way zipper, reinforced shoulders, pockets everywhere. 

Like much of the best stuff from Taylor Stitch, the Field Jacket is a Workshop item, crowd-funded by you and available in a few months with a nice 20 percent discount for your early purchase. This one will ship out in November and there’s still two weeks left to get in on the Workshop funding. 

Taylor Stitch Field Jacket in Midnight


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