Taylor Stitch Hangar Jacket

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If you’re going to spend close to a grand on a jacket, it had better be one of those jackets that looks good in nearly all situations. It needs to be made with the kind of attention to detail reserved for space-faring craft. And it best weather the decades without going out of style or falling apart, so you can bequeath it to your kids or wear it to the grave. Sounds like a lot of requirements for a humble piece of outerwear, but the Hangar Jacket hits each mark handily. 

Made by Taylor Stitch, the attention to detail comes standard. The design is based on the classic flight jacket, a silhouette that has looked good for a century so there’s no danger of this going out of style. And finally, the three-ounce leather is tough and richly colored, of a quality that will get better looking with each mile you put on it.     

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