Taylor Stitch Jungle Shirt

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Military uniforms were designed with one overarching goal: Utility. Which is, ironically, why we can’t get enough of the way they look. It’s not so much form following function, as it is form being function. If any brand can take a classic military style—in this case the Jungle Jacket from the Vietnam War era—and make it something that looks impeccably cool, it’s Taylor Stitch. (See, for example, their BDU Shirt Jacket, the M-51 Field Jacket, et al.)

The Jungle Shirt is made from breathable organic cotton that’s lightweight enough to feel cool, but substantial enough to stand up to regular wear. They gave the shirt a garment wash to make it feel like you’ve had it forever even on the first wear, and details like angled, over-sized chest pockets add exactly the right amount of utilitarian charm. 

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