Taylor Stitch Spring Telegraph Collection

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If the thought of shelving your sturdy winter boots and rugged winter accessories seems unthinkable at the moment, rest assured — help is here in the form of the new Taylor Stitch Spring Telegraph Collection. Although it’s not quite time to break out your polo shirt and leather loafers just yet, it’s at least time to prep accordingly. And given that this collection is available for pre-funding now on the Taylor Stitch site, you best study up.

It starts with the fact that Taylor Stitch has taken the same approach that makes its cold-weather gear so great. That is, prime attention to detail and an eye for classic touches mixed with a modern edge that every guy can use in his wardrobe. That’s particularly true with the Spring Telegraph Collection — like its forebear, the Wool Telegraph Suit, this ensemble is stylish, handsome and soon to be your new go-to suit when it finally heats up. Although it’s available in Charcoal and a heightened shade of Cobalt, the Sea Washed Khaki Spring Telegraph Suit might be the centerpiece of the whole collection — and perhaps your spring and summer wardrobe.

Made from an 8oz. Wool-linen blend that’s unique, breathable and lightweight, the design details on the Sea Washed Khaki Suit are everything you should look for in a timeless suit — the fact that it’s tailored in Portugal by a fourth-generation family business is icing on the cake . From the just-right lapels to patch pockets and a chambray half-lining on the jacket itself, there’s no question this is a sharp suit designed to impress. That goes for a new client meeting, a summer wedding or a travel day dressed for first class. And rest assured that you get the same classic styling potential in the suit’s two additional colorways — no sweat.

Taylor Stitch Spring Telegraph Collection

The great thing about the rest of the collection overall is the fact that each piece is seemingly designed to fit within other offerings. So, you could match up the handsome, refined-yet-versatile California Navy Jacquard Shirt with the Telegraph Suit, or wear it untucked with the brand’s Army Slim Chino and your favorite denim jacket. Of course, the brand’s line of Hyde dress shirts is just as worthy of your time and dollars, with a cotton-linen blend, two versatile color options and a semi-spread collar that’s fit for work or play.

For those more inclined to dress casually on the go, the Indigo Stripe Selvage Jack is an outstanding revamp of the classic Oxford. Featuring the brand’s signature California collar — just the right width and with a pleasing roll — this indigo stripe shirt is wearable any day of the week (especially when you want to look your best on Saturday night). In fact, the tailored fit would match up stylishly with the Sea Washed KhakI Trousers and a leather jacket for a unique bit of transitional spring style. That the combo — and indeed, the entire collection — can go from the office to the bar and home is a bonus that’s worth the purchase price, too. Shop the collection now at Taylor Stitch.